mercredi 26 juillet 2017

[ TOP 5 ] WEBTOON (Comedy version)

Ça a été vraiment compliqué de choisir étant donné que c'est principalement ce que je lis sur Webtoon, mais voici!

5. Live with yourself →

"An explosive time-space accident leaves happy-go-lucky 20-something Todd living with himself, himself, and himself. You get to watch the struggle."

4. As per usual →

"Have you ever eaten a sandwich so vigorously that crumbs got all over your hair and when you went to brush it off, split ends from your tired, disintegrating hair also fell out and you had to ask yourself, 'Am I even real?' No? Just me? Okay. Anyway, this is a comic about learning to be a real lady person."

3. Safely Endangered →
"Silly comics for silly people."

2. Brutally Honest →

"Funny things happen so I draw them"

1. Sarah's Scribbles →

"This comic is for barely-functioning people, created by a barely-functioning person."


Avez-vous des Webtoon à me conseiller? 
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